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Bike lift 100kg 230V


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Electric bicycle lifts from the Torso brand have a number of advantages over other models on the market. It has an electric motor that lifts the bicycle for you with a remote control, and can generally also lift heavier loads. Maximum load capacity is higher with an electric bicycle lift than with non-electric bicycle lifts. With a small weight, approximately 11 kg the motorized storage lift has a maximum draw weight of 100 kg. Comes with mounting material to attach the lift to the ceiling and has a built-in emergency stop.

Electric bicycle lifts are still the most ergonomic solution. The bike lift ensures that you can store your bike compactly. You elevate the bike high enough, the model has a maximum mounting height of 3 meters this should certainly suffice for most garages, sheds and workshops, and therefore you have enough space, for example, to park your car.

The rubber mounting hooks provide protection against scratches. The lifting straps are made of high-quality nylon and the frame is made of steel.

By using this lift you can easily elevate bicycles and similar vehicles for maintenance, storage or repair.

Except bicycles, this mini winch is ideally allowed to quickly lift many more objects like e-bikes, rooftop tents, roof boxes, ladders, kayaks and much more things, without taking up much space.

The device is supplied including the necessary mounting material: the central part consists of various straps attached to it for a secure bike suspension. Due to the strong lifting strap, your bike wont twist when suspende. Bike lift hoist is equipped with a wired remote control including an electrical emergency stop for both tape entry and exit.
The product is produced according to European guidelines.


– Lifting capacity: 100 kg
– Voltage: 230V / 50HZ
– Current: 2.0A
– Input power: 450W
– Insulating grade: B
– Protection grade: IP54
– Lifting height: 3m
– Lifting speed: 8m/min
– Work rate: S3 – 25% – 10min
– Group of mechanisms: M1
– Remote control cable length: 3 meters
– Type of lifting equipment: band
– Material strap: Nylon
– Hook material: stainless steel 10mm, rubber transparent
– Weight: approx. 11 kg
– Winch dimensions (width x depth x high): 296.5 x 1122 x 172 mm

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