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Biological parts washer 100 liters


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The Ecowave PWB100 professional parts washer cleans parts without chemicals, protecting both the user and the environment.
This new generation of parts cleaner works with a cleaning solution based on a natural regeneration, in which oxygen and micro-organisms are used to destroy pollutants. This process ensures cost effective and efficient maintenance.
The cleaner is particularly suitable for cleaning / degreasing parts that are contaminated with grease, oil and other residues.

The PWB100 Ecowave clean is the most comprehensive parts washer. With a capacity of 100 liters, the clearner is suitable for the larger parts. The cleaner also has 2 swivel wheels with brakes and 2 fixed wheels, making it easy to move.
The parts washer is equipped with a large integrated soaking tray. Here you can put a part to soak for a longer period of time.

The parts cleaner also has the following strong features:
– High working capacity
– Ergonomic design
– Hermetic lid: limits evaporation of the solution
– Large soaking area
– Tap with flexible hose
– Powerful degreaser brush
– Easy to maintain
– Eco mode: minimizes power consumption
– Boost mode: increases temperature and degreasing ability
– Intelligent display

Technical specifications:
– Tank capacity = 60 – 100L
– Soaking area = 31L
– Working area dimensions = 790 x 420 x 180mm
– Pump flow = 1140L/hour
– Heating power = 1kW
– Electric consumption = 170W / hour (eco mode 12h/day; reduction of 25%)
– Load capacity = 100kg
– Standard temperature = 38 degrees Celsius (boost mode: 43 degrees Celsius; +50% for cleaning performance)
– Composition = PE
– Tool holder = interchangeable brush
– Stainless steel filtration = 700┬Ám
– Power supply = 230V

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