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Bluetablet for biological parts washer


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The Ecowave PWB04T Bluetablet is composed of a selection of micro-organisms specially designed for breaking down greases and oils. The tablets are used in combination with the Blueliquid degreaser in the Ecowave biological parts washers.
The tablets improve the effectiveness of the Blueliquid and extend the life of the cleaning fluid in the parts cleaner.

When using the biological parts washer for the first time, add one tablet to supply the cleaning fluid with the necessary micro-organisms. It is then recommended to add a new tablet to the liquid every 4 to 6 weeks to preserve the micro-organisms and to keep the quality of the cleaning liquid high.

– Content = 4 tablets
– Color = blue
– No smell
– Operating temperature = 20 – 45 degrees Celsius (38 degrees is optimal)
– Weight per tablet = 28.4g
– Soluble in water = 100%

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