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Garage jack 2.5 ton iron



This high performance low profile garage jack from Mammuth has a great reliability for professional use in the garage. Car jack has an excellent load capacity, but also provides a high level of safety.

The jack model is designed to help you quickly raise your vehicle. This garage jack is made of a solid wide frame which ensures stability with a very minimum lift height of 80mm so the jack can fit under the lowest vehicles. The durable steel construction allows use for various cars, trucks and SUVs.

Thanks to the smart design the jack also has a high lifting height of 520mm so it can be used on bigger vehicles as well. The quick lift system and the foot pedal speed up the lifting process during maintenance like changing tires, brakes pads and rotors, oil, and are vital for larger jobs like suspension work.

Heavy duty floor jack equipped with safety overload system prevents use beyond rated capacity. Handle consists of two pieces for compact storage and the bottom part has a protective foam cover to prevent damage on the vehicle.

Car lifting equipment сontains 360° swivel casters system, safety valve that prevents ram from overloading the jack, and a wide frame for better stability.

This quality, fast-action hydraulic floor jack has a twist gear release mechanism.

Furthermore, the jack is equipped with a protective rubber lifting pad, which prevents damage to the underside of the chassis and ensures safe lifting of the vehicle.

Technical specifications:
– Lifting capacity: 2500 kg
– Max. lifting height: 520mm
– Min lifting height: 80mm incl lifting pad
– Weight: 30 kg

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