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Headlight tester set


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This headlight tester set includes rails, H-base and headlight tester. The headlight tester set is suitable for testing the headlights of cars, motorcycles and heavier vehicles. This is for the purpose of inspection and correct adjustment of the headlights. The professional headlight adjustment device has a built-in laser and a digital lux meter. The height is easy to adjust and the device has a rotating mirror. The dip in the dim/fog light can be read with an accuracy of 0.1%, the total adjustment range is -0.2 / +8%. Also comes with a mobile undercarriage and can be used on rails and mobile.

Min. working height = 200mm
Max. working height = 1500mm

– Glass lens
– Built-in laser
– Mirror visor
– Digital lux meter
– Level
– 8% infinitely adjustable inclination angle
– Sliding mechanism to adjust the height
– Suitable for APK

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