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Ultrasonice cleaner HTW 5 liter


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This ultrasonic cleaning fluid is of high quality and low foaming. With the addition of special surfactants and additives, this cleaner can be used from low temperatures (20 degrees Celcius). The liquid generates very little foam that is also broken down very quickly. When used above 35 degrees Celcius no foaming occurs at all. The product does not leave a greasy layer on the treated surface. Ultrasonic cleaner HTW simply emulsifies with all types of contamination for effective cleaning.

Cleaning of degreasing of glass, plastic and bare metal parts. Ideal for degreasing drill and tap oil, grease and lower greases etc.

Preferably set the ultrasonic device to dilution 1:50 (2%), maximum 1:10, minimum 1:150, depending on the degree of contamination. The best result is achieved at a temperature between 40 and 80 degrees Celcius. Rinse cleaned material with water or Demi.

Ultrasonic cleaner HTW contains biodegradable components.

– Content = 5 liter


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