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Workshop press hydraulic 30 tons


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This Mammuth press is extremely suitable for mounting bearings, pressing in shafts and bolts, bending pipes and other press work where great force is required. The press has a fully welded solid frame. The pressure in kilograms can be clearly read on the pressure gauge. The hydraulic cylinder can be moved in width (with bearings). The cylinder is also equipped with an interchangeable recording press head and integrated hydraulic two-stage pump. This built-in two-stage system provides a large stroke at low back pressure and a small controllable stroke at higher back pressure, so pressing work can be performed accurately.

The press is supplied as standard with two multifunctional press blocks.

Technical specifications
– Capacity = 30 tons
– Bed width = 540mm
– Bed depth = 148mm
– Minimum distance bed/cylinder = 75mm
– Cylinder stroke = 180mm

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