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Hünersdorff universal safety filling



Some things are ingeniously simple! A good example is the Hünersdorff Universal Safety Filling System. It fits on all standard fuel canisters, only opens once it’s actually inserted in the tank, and closes automatically when the tank is full.

– Integrated vent means gurgle-free filling
– Automatic cut-off: prevents overfilling and spillage
– Union nut for exact positioning on narrow filler necks
– Captive screw connection
– Strap for securing to the canister
– Suitable for all standard fuel canisters (5 litres), including the FuelFriend canister (1-2 litres)
– Outside neck diameter = 21 mm
– Length = 160 mm
– Inside diameter of filler opening = 29 mm

This safety filling system from Hünersdorff is only designed for use when actually filling your fuel tank. It is not a replacement for the original fuel canister cap. So fuel canisters must not be transported or stored with the filling system fitted.

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