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Hazet Pneumatic brake bleeding kit


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For maintenance work, such as changing the brake fluid on your motorbike, there is the HAZET pneumatic brake bleeding kit. This is a brake bleeder unit with a 0.75 l reservoir volume for extracting the brake fluid from the wheel brake cylinders / brake callipers. In addition, there is a refill container with a fixed nozzle as well as a container with an adjustable nozzle.

– Integrated venturi system creates a vacuum by means of compressed air, which is used to bleed the brake system
– Includes universal rubber nipple for all vehicles
– Transparent brake bleeder hose for visual inspection
– Air consumption 180 l/min / working pressure 6 to 8 bar
– Including coupling plug, nominal width 7.2
– Also suitable for ABS systems (Attention: Note manufacturer’s specifications)

Scope of delivery:
– 1 x brake bleeder unit (tank volume 0.75 l)
– 1 x refill container with a fixed nozzle (container volume 1 litre)
– 1 x reservoir with adjustable nozzle (reservoir volume 1 litre)
– 1 x universal rubber nipple
– 1 x transparent brake bleeder hose
– 1 x coupling plug

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