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Pneumatic needle scaler 12 needles



This ZionAir needle scaler on air is ideal for erasing rust, residue and dirty spots on uneven surfaces of machinery and such. Due to its compact and ergonomic design, the needle scaler can easily maneuver in hard-to-reach places.


– Stroke = 32mm
– Number of needles = 12
– Needle diameter = 3mm
– Free speed = 4000rpm
– Average air consumption = 122L/min
– Air inlet = 1/4″ (male connector included)
– Working pressure = 6.3 bar

The specified air consumption is indicated at a pressure of 6.3 bar.
The air output at compressors is measured at ambient pressure, so these 2 values cannot be compared with each other.
If you need advise, consult one of our experts.

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